Sunday, September 5, 2010

6th September 2010
Bernardita G. Ashlin

Hi. it's me Bernardita. It's a sad day today in class because our teacher Junita is leaving, She has tendered her resignation today, so it would be our last day in class with her. It's a pity because she's a very good teacher, we will surely missed her. Even now, we are already missing her. We have learned so much from her. We loved her so much. She's an excellent mentor and we really had fun working with her. She provided us with lots of learning experiences which are very handy and helpful when we'll be applying for jobs. She boosts our moral and confidence in ourselves.
She loves her job so much and she loves us, and we love her in return. Anyway. I'm sure we will still cross path. It's a small world and Bairnsdale is just a small community where everyone almost knows one another. It has been fantastic being a student under a wonderful teacher. It was lovely working hand in hand with Junita. I won't say goobbye Junita but "see you later..."


Hi All,

Today we prepared Beef Stroganoff as the main and Mars Bar Slice & Fruit Cake as the sweet.

Today we had a few customers because Bairnsdale is in a risk of getting flodded.

I prepared both two sweets Jenita baked it for us.

I enjoyed toyay's Cafe a lot!



Hi everybody,

Today is a monday.I came to the class very happy because i want get a
enjoy.I think today is a good day because our cafe class today,

Today we are prepairing some foods,I like to tell something about this.
Today we have two main of them is a
*Beef Stronganoff &
*Mars Bar Slice
first one is made befour we used many things,there about onion,blade
steak,garlic,swiss mushroom,tomato paste,cornflour.

second one is we was used mars bar chopped,butter,cups rice bubbles,
milk chocalate,

two recipies was very tasty and good, today more customers came to our
cafe class and they was be very happy,
Today I Learned more about cook, couple of days I learned cook more Australian foods.sometime I will try to prepare this food at my home.Its
great for me.Because I can taste different types food.So today is a good class teacher she is lerned more cook lessons for us.she is a nice
and very kind teacher.I very much thanks for her.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hi there,
hi everybody,today I'm enjoy & good. Our cafe class today,
we are mainly repaired two recipies today.the main courses are
first one *Bread & butter pudding,second one is Tuna Roulade,&
Leek,pumking& sweet potato frittata.

we are used to those things are slices of bread,eggs,milk,sugar,cinnamon,
spring union,tuna drained,pumking,salads.

The three recipies are very tasty & today most of the customers are came
in our cafe & they are very enjoyed today, I much too.I learn
is a good day.bye.

Sokunthea Touch

How is everybody?i'm good today!
Today cooking class, we made bread and butter pudding and tuna roulade and leek pumpkin &sweet potato frittata;
We are filling happy for cooking today,
Ok i say bye bye everybody i hope see you next monday!
30th August 2010
Bernardita G. Ashlin

Hi, how's everyone going? It's almost spring, it will be by next week but still it's freezing cold. However, today is bright and sunny, so it's lovely. We had fun in class practicing on how to make cappuccino and latte. It took quite a while for us to make but Sanoj and Samanthi managed to make one for each of us. As we get to know each other more, we are starting to discover that each one of us has a special skill for doing things better than the other. Like Noi, she's good in salad presentation. Sanoj is now well versed in taking orders whereas Sokunthea is good in table arrangement. The rest of us, we blended well with each other, helping in everything we can do to accomplish things with ease and more confidence.
The menu that we served today consists of the following: for the main dish, we had Leek, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Frittata; Tuna Roulade; and for the dessert, we prepared Bread and Butter Pudding. All dish came out beautiful and that really gave us a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Noi is already talking about making tuna roulade at home for tea. Good on her and as what Junita said, she'll feel very happy if her students will apply at home what they have learned in school...lovey.
See you next week....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sokunthea Touch

Hi evreybody How is everybody?Today we cooking class every monday.

we filling happy in the class because we helped to cooking togather.

We made bacon mashroom and vegetable and svorypancake.

Ok i let go now.Good luck everybody,
vijitha srikaran

today we make savory pancake with bacon,MUSHROOMS,and vegetables.then we served salad also. Bernardita ,sanoj and me took the food orders. we helped each other. It was a fantastic day .Thank you Junita.


Today we prepared Savory Pancake( which inclused bacon, mushroom, & veg) and served with wegitable salad.

The sweet was Profitarole(which included custered & chocolate source) and served with ice cream.

Today we had no more than seven customers.

enjoyable day.

Good bye...!
23rd August 2010
Bernardita G. Ashlin

Hi! How is everyone today? It's a beautiful day this morning, bright and sunny. Everybody did great in class by helping all throughout and being cooperative in a teamwork atmosphere. That made the work fast and easy. Sanoj, Vijitha and I took the orders from the Office and the Beauty Class. I did the writing of the orders in the order slip. Sanoj did a good job in telling our regular customers what the menu is all about. For her part, Vijitha took the role of a cashier . We served Savory Pancake with bacon, mushroom and vegetable for the main dish. We served it with vegetable salad. For the sweets, we had Profiterole with custard and chocolate sauce, served with icecream. Bon appetite! See you next week...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

monday 16th august 2010

Hi! How's everyone going? It's a beautiful day today, bright and sunny but still it's cold but I love it. I made the dessert in class together with Bernardita and it was lovely. the mixture of sugar, eggyolks and mascarpone cheese was first thick but we remedied it by adding cream and condensed milk. That solve the problem and we came up with a very smooth mixture. Actually, the tiramisu was really fantastic. We also prepared chicken fillet with bacon and cheese in pastry. We served this with Vegetable stack and salad. As usual, we have the office people and the Beauty Class for our customers. I guess everybody was happy. That's all for now.See you next week...bye....

Note: This blog was made with the help of Bernardita


Hello There,

Today we made Chicken Fillet with Vegetable Stack & salad as the main ($4.00) and Italian dessert Cream style, sweet with biscuit & cofee,Aussie tramisu($3.00).

There were thirteen customers in the cafe.

We enjoyed todays activities a lot!





Today is a monday 16-of our cafe my fourth day.
I would like to tell something about today our cafe class what we are

first we are prepairing two recipies of the of thing is
** Vegetable Stack
** Chicken Fillet with bacon & cheese in puff pastry.etc

There are the main cources today.

prepairing Vegetable Stack we used egg plant,firm tomatoes,cheese,
black peppar,capcicum,&sauce,pita bread.

another one we used (Chicken Fillet) pastry,fried baken,cheese grated,
cut chiken,etc.

Today more customers came in our cafe.they was very enjoied & happy

about our main recipies.we are learned more things to do our cafe class.


Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi All,
Tosay is the third day of the ESL cafe.

There were fourteen customers today.

We made Hambergers which has cheese, tomatoes, lattuse, and egg portions.

as the desert we served "Coconut and jam slices".

It was a beautifl lunch and every customer was delighted.

It was a very happy day, we enjoyed a lot!



Sunday, August 1, 2010



I'm samanthi,Today is a monday. Today is my cafe class.

Today we are prepaired two main of them is 'Creamy Seafood in
puff Pastry &Apple Walnut Cake.They were prepaired mainly used to main courses.

first recipi for we used to Prowns,garlic,salt,mushrooms,
second one used to sugar,eggs,canola oil,cinnomen,walnuts,& etc.they were mainly prepaired Fettucini carbonara-Bacont mush, Fettuccni marinara-Seafood mix.both recipies are more tasty.

ther are many customers coming with our cafe & some one take away.
they were happy & thanks for us.

Today I'm enjoy in our cafe class & I lerned more things.they are for
I thanks for my class teacher & all our cafe class is very funny day for me.


Sokunthea Touch

Hi everybody How are you?i am good,Today i cooking class.Do you know what cooking today?i cooking to day is Creamy seafood and Apple walnut cake.
Yum yum yummy !
OK! Let go now!good luky for everybody!Bye !!!!

Sanoj-2nd of August


Today we prepared "Cremy Seafood in puff pastry" and "Apple & Walnut Cake". They were soly at the Cafe at $4.00 & $3.00 each. There were more than ten customers at in the cafe, a few take-away customers as well.

Bacon, prowns, garlic, cheese, inion,mashroom and pasta wase basically used to cook main cources. They were Fettucini Carbonasa(bacon+mushroom) & Fettucini Marinasa(Seafood mix).

Eggs, self raising flour, suger, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, vanilla extract, walnut were used to make Apple & Walnut Cake.

I enjoyed to day's cafe a lot!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bernardita G. Ashin
17th June 2010

Hi, it's me, Bernardita. After a two week school break, it's good to be back. I haven't really done much during the break. I did some gardening for a while but it didn't do me good. It was so cold to be out there in the garden and I got the wog but no worries, I'm now good as brand new. Today is the start of the school term for the third quarter and I was excited to be back in class. I was sort of expecting to be doing the usual food preparation and cooking today but unfortunately, the kitchen is not yet quite finished. Anyway, we have another activity lined up today and guess what, it's even more exciting, that is, we'll be recording a video of ourselves in class. It would be fun for a change, instead of watching movie on video, we'll be the one to do the acting. So, today we will be starring in our own video, we will be the actors and actresses. Isn'that great? I'm sure, Noi, Suharti and Natalia will be disappointed not to be in the cast, they'll miss this opportunity to be a star for once n their lifetime because they did not come to class today. Appearing in this video in no particular order and billing are: Junita (our teacher), Sokunthea (from Cambodia), Sanoj and Samanthi (husband and wife respectively from Sri Lanka) and of course, yours truly. We will be talking about the following topics as follows:
Where are you from?
I'm from the Philippines. Before coming to Australia, I lived in Manila for 29 years with my son, Phillip. He's already on his own, having a good paying job in a call center, but he's still single though. As for myself, I had been separated from my husband for quite a while until things changed dramatically when I met my fiance before and now my husband Robbie.
The reason I come to Australia is to start anew, move on with my life and live with my husband in a genuine, loving, caring and a happy and continuing relationship through thick and thin which are the very essence of what life is all about.
Do you like australia?
Absolutely! I like Australia very much... the people, the beautiful places, the clean air, the weather and the vast opportunities for work and the quality of life most especially.
Have you made friends?
Yes, I do not run out of friends and they come from different nationalities. Other from my own kind in the Filipino group and my relatives, most of my friends come from my classmates here in the Community College East Gippsland' I also made friends with my husband's circle of friends especially his mates from their amateur radio club.
What are your immediate dreams?
First and foremost of my immediate dreams is to be able to drive my own car, and the second of course will just come handy, that is finding a job once I learn how to drive. I have other dreams that I would like to pursue of course like getting my Australian citizenship but this would have to wait for there is a particular time frame for this. Right now, I just have to fulfill my dreams one at a time, the sooner the better.

sokunthea touch

I am from cambodai because my husband sponser to come Australia.
I like Australia becase i have family here.
I have made friends making friends is fun.
My dreams are for a good job for me and have good family in Australia.
I havent experlence all the weather seasons,yet but it is cold now because i started life here 9 weeks ago.


Hi, I'm Sanoj Dhammika. I'm from Sri Lanka. I was born in a little town called Balangoda. It is 143 kilometers away from capital of Sri Lanka called Colombo. Our country has a trophical climate. Temperature is around 27C and relative humidity is above 60%. I came to Australia as a prmanent migrant with my wife to spend the best part of my life in a modern, well diverse socity. I have made quite a lot of local friends, and Sri Lankan friends as well. My immidiate dream is getting a driver's licence. Then I hope to find a better job related to my carrier. My intention to start my higher studies as soon as possible. I love to live in australia because the country is not in a state of war and the security is quite good. In addition to that the the living status is quite good. There are noticeable negative things in asutralian society drug addiction is major. Most people don't believe in following religion. That means they have lost their major self controlling framework. Majority just think about fulfilling needs, simply food and sex.

Samanthi / 12/07/2010.

I'm Samanthi,I'm from Sri Lanka.I'm arrived to Australia in last month 04 of june.I came still one month.I like Australia.It is good country for living.It is my choice in my future life style.I want enjoy,developing my future dreams,may be i think this country is a good.I have many friends in
Australia, because they are my husband friends,my Husband arrived after one year.sri Lanka is my native place,my home town is a kandy,I worked in sri lanka,as a private company like as a Account clerk.Now i'm married.I came from him.Now we are living Australia.i think Australia is good country for
our I love this country.I have many dreams in my immediately i like be a very good mother and after i want a get a job,Australia is a beatiful country,Australian people are i think very carm
and they help any other people like as arrived any other countris.Have many
fazilities. I hope trying to living honest in Australia.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bernardita G. Ashlin

10th May 2010
Bernardita G. Ashlin

Hi! I'm Bernardita. I came from the Philippines. I grew up in a small island called Limasawa in the Visayas Region. It's a beautiful island and a landmark of Catholicism because it is in this historic island that the First Mass of the Philippines was held when the Spaniards first landed and conquerred our archipelago centuries ago.I moved to Manila when I first got married but that marriage didn't work out. I had a son, Phillip with my first marriage back home in the Philippines. He'll be thirty years old comes December but he's still single. He's a call center agent and he's doing good with his job so although I missed him, it doesn't worry me so much with how he'll cope up with his day to day living.

I arrived here in Australia 17th June 2009 on a Fiancee Visa. It was a freezing 6 degrees Centigrade when I landed at Melbourne Airport, very much in contrast to the 32 degrees Centigrade temperature back in Manila which is hot and humid when I left but I survived. It was amazing to see smoke or vapor coming out from your mouth when you talk, things that I see only on television and in the movies before.

I've been here almost a year and it's for real. I've weathered through four seasons here in Australia and they're all fantastic. I had been through winter, spring, summer and autumn. But I like spring and autumn most because they're not so cold and not so hot either. Ever since I came to this country I haven't been back to the Philippines yet. I do not have any plans of going back home yet even for a holiday, maybe in the near future, hopefully.

I got married to my Australian husband last 24th October 2009. He's the very reason why I came to Australia, for us to get married and start a new life. We first met way back 2006 when I first came here in holiday


Hello, it's good to see you again. Today I am going to tell a little bit about myself.

My name is Lania and I came from Indonesia. I lived in Malang, a small town in East Java. It is 2 hours drive from Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta which is our capital city.

I graduated from Petra University in Surabaya, majoring English Literature. My first job was teaching English at English Course. Then I worked as a secretary in a Japanese trading house, hotels, cable manufacturer, property and travel agent, golf course and my last job before I moved to Australia was as a Personal Assistant in Human Resources Department at One and Only Reethi Rah in Republic of Maldives.

I arrived in Australia in January 2006 to get married to an Australian man. I live in Lakes Entrance ever since. However I have gone back to Indonesia for a visit twice, in 2007 and 2008.

I like Australia, it is a nice country. Since I came to Australia, I have seen most of Australia. I have visited many places around Australia by caravanning and yet the only state I still need to go is Tasmania.

I used to feel lonely but not anymore. I have many friends now and I start to feel Australia my second home. I thank immigration department to assist me in settling down in Australia by allowing me to join a migrant English class where I met people and made friends with them. I also thank Community College in Bairnsdale to accommodate me to learn English and cook Australian food. I thank Sarah Lamble and Junita Lyon for being so helpful and kind in helping me to learn and experience many things to Australian life.

I am going to finish this courses by 18 May 2010 so I will say good bye now and hope we can meet again some day.

All the best and thank you again,


My name is Natalia I come from Russia, I have been here over 1 year.
I have not been back to Russia since I arrived here but have contact with my family on skype.
I came to Australia to get Married but sadly my Husband passed away a year after I arrived.
Now everything is new again for me ,I have a new place to live a flat on the Mithell river in Bairnsdale,I moved from Paynesville.
I have met new friends here and now I have a little job for a cleaning company.I have just started teaching aerobicts (this is my real job) and i like it very much . I teach it at Community college where I attend ESL classes and cafe twice a week.
I like my new life here, I like people... I like learning more and more... I look forward to the future ... and I hope this well be good for me....

This was written with the aid of Natalia,s Tutor..

Talkgroup » Community College ESL

Talkgroup » Community College ESL

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Hello, nice to see you again. It is Monday, 3 May 2010 and the weather is nice. However we are not in the kitchen today due to renovation. We are going to have a new kitchen within a couple of weeks, I think. Unfortunately I am not going to have a chance to try this new kitchen because my AMEPS funded courses will be finished on 18 May 2010. I'd like to thank AMEPS and Community College for giving me this opportunity. Also I thank Junita Lyon, my tutor who has been very patient during the last one year to teach me how to cook Australia food. With her assistance, I have learned a lot such as Food Safety Handling and Responsible Service of Alcohol. Today we learned about Food Safety Program and making a personalised cook book.

I enjoyed my time and I again thank her for the experiences. I am going to miss it and everybody... I wish her good luck and all the best.

See you next time,


Hello noi heve I am leavning safe food handling the kitchen is closed at present, while I enjoy cooking
bye Noi

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hello, nice to talk to you again. It's a cool Monday morning and I like the weather. We welcome a new young beautiful student today, so this ESL Cafe is getting bigger and of course better. We got a very good feedback from our customers that our food is delicious and tasty. We love to hear that they are happy and it motivates us to do better and better.

Our today's main dishes are Potato and Carrot Rosti, Spicy lamb meatballs with onion jam and Salad Rolls. Creme caramel is our beautiful dessert. As usual Cappuccino is always on the menu.

It's time to clean up the kitchen before going so I'd better go now. Talk to you again later. Have a nice day and see you.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hello everyone, it's good to be here in the ESL Cafe today. It's a beautiful Monday. I am happy to see my other three classmates in the kitchen so I am not alone anymore, I was last week though.

Our menu is Beef Olives & Potato Croquettes, Mince Beef Pies & Potato Croquettes and Chocolate Pudding & Cream. As usual we are having lovely meals.

Next Monday is an ANZAC day so we won't have a cafe open. We will see you again next time.



19th April 2009
Bernardita G. Ashlin

Hi! It's me again Bernardita. Our menu today consists of the following: Beef Olives & Potato Croquettes, Mince beef Pies served with Potato Croquettes and Chocolate Pudding & Cream. Lania and I did the Beef Olives and Potato Croquettes. They were perfect. Natalia prepared the Mince Beef while Suharti did the Chocolate Pudding. Everything turned out well done. The potato croquette really is very easy to prepare and so is the beef olives. I had fun tying the beef rolls and really doing the actual preparation and the cooking is a very good hands-on experience for us. I can say I can do it again easily when I get home. My husband would be proud of me, I guess and I'm sure he will like it. Bye for now, see you next time...

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Good morning and it's good to see you again. Today is our first day at the ESL Cafe after school holiday break. There are only two students present and we expect there won't be many orders so we decided to only serve one main dish and a dessert. We will have Chicken Cacciatore (chicken cooked in a delicious tomato and mushroom sauce, served with salad) and Chocolate Date & Nut Torte (meringue cake with a cream filling). Hope everyone will enjoy the meal today. I will see you next Monday then. Bye for now.... Cheers, Lania


hey every1 its me tahlia today we made some chicken cacciatore choclate and nuts torte that i made all bey my self

Sunday, March 21, 2010

22nd March 2010
Bernardita G. Ashlin

Hi, it's me, Bernardita. Today, our menu consists of Raspberry Chicken Wings & Salad (Chicken wings cooked in raspberry jam glaze served with salad), Seafood
ravioli (Homemade pasta ravioli topped with pasta sauce and served with salad) and Panna Cotta & Ruby Sauce (Vanilla pannacotta served with fresh strawberry sauce).
They were such a beautiful menu presentation wise as always and the taste is superb...job well done...cheers


Hello, it's nice to talk to you again. Today in our ESL Cafe, we are serving Raspberry Chicken Wings & Salad, Seafood Ravioli and Panna Cotta & Ruby Sauce. They are lovely food as usual. You may not believe me but I am telling you the fact...

As of last Friday dinner for Bunnings Management, we had a good feedback from them. We were happy to hear it as we had worked hard. This also gave us more confidence that we could do it.

That's it for now and after school holiday, we will see you again. Take care and see you...


Sunday, March 14, 2010

15th March 2010
Bernardita G. Ashlin

Hi, it's me Bernardita. Our menu today consists of Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni (English spinach with Ricotta and Pasta Sauce), Egg and Bacon Quiche (Fresh Eggs, Bacon, Cheese and Chives), Profiteroles (w/ Custard and Cream), Side Salad and
Cappuccino. MOst of our customers came from the Beauty Class and everybody have all but nice words for the food we served, and I too agree of course. It's always the case, we see to it that the foods not only come out beautiful in taste but in presentation as well.
Junita asked me to prepare a sponge cake for Jessica because it's her birthday today. I made the mistake of adding cream instead of butter but we corrected it by adding butter and not removing the cream anymore since anyway Junita said, the cream will turn butter once it's mixed. Well. the cake looks beautiful so no worries at all. Everyday here in the Cafe is always a learning experience for me, that's why I really loved it here.
We were given today the book for Certificate II in Hospitality (Operations)/Provide a Link Between Kitchen and Service Areas which we can study and work at home...very convenient because we can just do it in our free time...fair enough...
I'm looking forward to our catering job this coming Thursday, 18th March for we will be catering for the Bunning's Warehouse staff. There will be thirty six of them coming and they are the big bosses, that would be fun. Some of us are assigned for waitressing and preparing the wine. I'm given the assignment to help Junita do the cooking in the kitchen together with Noi and Natalia, isn't it scary? Well, I reckon. we just have to do our best because it will be our first big catering job. We should not fail, yes of course not because we will be representing the community college. We have so much faith in Junita and we are very sure we'll go through this with flying colors. Goodluck to us all and cheers!


Hi, here I am again in the ESL kitchen on this beautiful Monday morning. Just the four of us today are ready to cook because the others are absent. Our new girl is Thalia and she is doing very well. It is not a problem as we are still doing fine. Today we serve Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni, Egg & Bacon Quiche and Profiteroles and of course Cappuccino. Plenty of customers are enjoying our food at the moment and we are waiting for their feedback. Hope they like the food as we do. I look forward to serving you next week, so please come and try our tasty food...

Just for your information, we are going to prepare a dinner for about 36 people on Thursday. It is a challenge but we are sure we can do it very well.

Thank you and see you next time,

homy G

hi everyone its me tahlia and im having a very nice day today becouse we made egg and bacon quik and pofitrole and canneloni and i cant wait tell thursday becourse im going to be helping with waitering

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tahlia presley

hi my name is tahlia and its my frist day at cafe today and we made lamb/onionjam and rockyroads man its so so nice i wanna keep it all for my self .everything is so new for me becoase im not from vic im realy from a place called Alice Springs missin home but now its all ok now that iv started cafe

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bernardita Lania &Karen

1st March 2010

Hi! It's me again, Bernardita. It's a beautiful day, first day of Autumn, actually my very first experience of Autumn here in Aus, and it's lovely, I love it. And junita taught me something that I have to do to my husband when I get home, the "pinch and punch, he he he, very naughty,

For the menu, we have Potato and Carrot Rosti served with mint vinaigrette capsicums. Spicy Lamb Meatballs with Onion Jam served with Side Salad. Ham and Salad Rolls with lettuce, tomato. cucumber, grated carrot alfalfa and cheese, and the last but not least, Creme Caramel. All the foods came out beautiful, but what made it super special is I got to made the Caramel,the first time I made one but it was good. One regular customer acknowledged it as perfect, oh, isn't that wonderful.

We were also taught today how to get orders from customers and it was fun, we are learning much from this class, kudos to our teacher, Junita. she's fantastic.

Bye for now. see you next Monday,,,ceers!


hello..everyone good to talk to u again.we have good idea to day and we doing so well.we make potato and carrot rosti served whit vinaigrette casicums it's test very nice. we hv frit potato and carrot very gently.we make spicy lamb meatball with onion jam. we made seasoned lamb mince rolled into small meatball served whit homemade onion jam and salad it's test aslo delicouse,sald roll we make whit lettuce,tomato,cucumber garted carrot,cheese and alfalfa on a fresh roll HAM(optimal).this's creme caramel so sweet if u try it u must need more.we never forgot to made cappuccino after all deshes. ok we have enough to day to doing our job.we will talk u nexs week whit diffrent recipet.

thx for being good test to our food



Sunday, February 21, 2010


1.The federal law that all states and territories are based on is called The Food Act 1987
2 An environmental health officer may enter a food premises at anytime
it is called The right of Entry


1. The Federal law that all States and Territories are based on is called:
Food act 1984
2. An Environmental Healf Officer may enter a food premises at any 3 words, this is called:
Right of entry


Hello, how are you? Today we are six people all together in the kitchen. We welcome a new girl, Noi who came from Laos 10 years ago. She is a funny girl and everyone likes her. She worked hard and she is very good too. Lovely to know her.

Today's main dishes are Risotto Parmesan and Grilled Chicken Fajitas wrapped in homemade pita with capsicum and onion, while the dessert is Trifle. Cappuccino is always available. They are delicious and tasty food as usual. You might not believe me till you try it. So we will wait for you to taste it yourself next Monday.

Thank you for coming and see you next time. Take care.



hello..everyone good to write done what we done in the cooking class. we have made dishes and salad to day.we made risotto parmesan,grilled chikend fajitas and trifle cake.grilled chicken fajitas so delicouse i have one for lunch to day it's test so yummy whit salsa sauce and sour cream. we have may salad look fantastic on our plate.we have one new student today she come from laose.she happy lady and hard working..
good to write and share what we done today have hv good time.

1.The federal law that all state and territories are based on is called:
food act 19843

2.An environmental health officer may enter a food premises ant any time.
in 3 words,this is called:
right of entry

thanks to being good test for our food.
22nd February 2010
Bernardita G. Ashlin

Hi, this is me Bernardita. For our Cafe Class today, we prepared Risotto Parmessan, Grilled Chicken Fajitas, Trifle and Cappuccino, all served with Side Salad. They were not only yummy but colorful and beautiful as well. We always see to it that the food presentation would be fantastic, no doubt about it. And also we learned some lessons which are basics when we deal with food such as:
1. The Federal Law that all States and Territories are based on is called Food Act 1984.
2. An Environmental Health Officer may enter a food premise at any time. In 3 words, this is called Right of Entry.
That's all for today, see you next Monday,....bye.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


hi..guys good to write about what we been doing in this room. we have good dishes to u can test how is testy it. we make alot of foods to day we have make GOURTMET PIZZA whit greek style spinach feta& rosted pepper and GOURMET whit ham, bocconicini & rocket service whit a salad on your plate.we also make PASTA CARBONARA whit mushroom, bacon,union,garlic,cream and cheese.pasta carbonara served whit a salad on your plate if u like and u can eat pasta carbonara whit out salad.for dessert we also have CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE served whit cream and we make some warm CAPPUCCINO to drink at wather like this can would be nice lets to try guys...i hope u like. see u for couple days guys we are would be back to you.

thanks for being good testy to us

* suharti*

Bernardita G. Ashlin

15th February 2010

Hi! I'm Bernardita and I'm so glad to be back in class today. The school break was good, but its always lovely and exciting to be back and catch up with everyone. Our menu today consists of Greek Style Pizza, Carbonara, Chocolate Mousse Cake and Vegetable Salad, they all came out lovely as usual.We were taught some safety tips today such as:1. What type of injuries occur in the kitchen? They can be as follows: cut yourself, burns, slips and falls and drop things on your feet; 2. Why is hand washing important? It is important for hygiene purposes and it would kill any germs. Well, that's all for today...see you...


Good morning and welcome to ESL Cafe again. It is not a sunny day today but wet day. The weather helps us to stay cool in the hot kitchen though, so no problem with the rain. We are still happy to cook and today we are having Gourmet Pizza, Pasta Carbonara, Chocolate Mousse Cake and Cappuccino if anyone wants a coffee. Enjoy your meal and hope you like it.

Today our teacher Junita gave us 2 questions to answer, they are:
1. What type of injuries occur in a kitchen?
Answer: cut yourself, burns, slips & falls and drop thing on your feet

2. Why is handwashing important?
Answer: hygiene and kill any germs

I will make sure that I have to be careful and that cleaning is important when we are handling food.

That's it for now and I talk more next time. Have a nice day and I will see you again on Monday.


Sunday, February 7, 2010


hello.guys? im suharti im new a student in this class.
this's first time i met the ladies in this room and im so excatied hv this class.
we're learning how to make and praper foods to first time food, im cooked pancake it's so yummy u will to try it if u do it, i bat u would to hv some more..this's a nice time to us to hv guys to try our dishes. see u whit defferent flavours
* suharti *


Hi everyone, it's good to be back to the ESL Kitchen after a long holiday. It's a nice day today but there are only three people coming, hoping next week there will be more to prepare beautiful meals again. This year we will charge $4.00 for main courses served with salad, $3.00 for a dessert and $2.00 for a cup of coffee. Today's menus are Beef Kebabs, Spinach and Ricotta Filo, Lemon Curd Meringue Pancakes and Cappuccino. If you miss today's, I will see you next Monday with different dishes.

See you then,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome ESL students

Welcome to another year of Community College cafe
We will be using this blended E-learning forum to answer questions about many aspects of the Hospitality Industry.
The many recipes we create will also be documented in this blended forum.
Good Luck on a successful year